We aim to make your volunteer experience as fulfilling and engaging as possible . We hope that you will want to remain in our volunteer team far beyond the minimum 3 month obligation. We hope to find a volunteer role which best meets your personal interests, skills and capabilities.


 To help the shelter operate at maximum efficiency , we require volunteer support in all areas of shelter life and beyond.  To help maintain order and consistency, volunteers are signed up for specific shifts in the areas we consider you will  work most effectively. As some work areas have limited space, we ask that as far a possible you keep to your allocated shift for your initial 3 months as a volunteer. You may switch your shift after that point.

To help you decide which volunteer area might interest you most, please read about our  Areas of operation and the key tasks involved in each of them. 


Customer Service  & Administration  

You will confidently interact in-person and on the telephone with the public, CHS staff, outside  animal agents and other organizations. You will appropriately answer all enquiries and assist with administration for the daily flow of animals in and out of the shelter.You must be able to comfortably use computers and new software. Attention to detail is a must in this role.

Clinic Area

You must be 18 and have some pre vet or clinic specific animal handling experience. Following thorough training and under direct supervision of clinic manager and staff, you will assist with daily medications, medical intakes and  necessary vaccinations and where appropriate, surgeries for rescued animals.

On public clinic days, you will support staff as they perform, pet vaccinations,  micro-chipping, spays and neuters. You should be comfortable with the sight of needles and blood.


Cat Castle 

You have the responsibility to assist staff in ensuring the cats in our care are kept as healthy, clean and comfortable as possible. You will appropriately interact with the cats, ensuring their space is kept clean and sanitary and that all animals have food and fresh water. You will be involved in grooming and socialising with each cat, to help them be at their adoptable best. You should expect to have some direct contact with the public, and will be responsible for assisting with Cat adoptions.


                                                                                Dog Spot

You must have the ability and confidence to be assertive and calm with dogs of all sizes, breeds and temperaments. You will assist staff in maintaining  and cleaning all dog areas, inside and out. Ensuring all dogs are kept comfortable and happy by providing food, regular fresh water, clean blankets, potty breaks and exercise. You will encourage successful adoptions by understanding and improving the social skills of each dog. Although staff normally handle Dog adoptions you should expect some direct contact with the public who enter the dog area to view our dogs.




There is no excuse to be bored when you volunteer with Cache Humane Society! There are always new things going on. If you find you need a different role, or more experience in a different area of the shelter, this is possible.



Our volunteer coordinator, keeps you updated by email about what's going on at the shelter and where more volunteer opportunities arise.

We have volunteers who regularly help, outside their normal volunteer shift with the following:

  • Fundraising and Community Outreach events
  • PAWS Academy and Summer Off Leash Kids Camp
  • Education presentations and tours
  • Transport of animals for rescue and transfer
  • Bathing and Grooming animals
  • Marketing and publicity such as taking photos and writing articles
  • Fostering and home checks
  • Trap Neuter Return program assistance
  • Dog Day Trips and Overnights Sleep overs!