Cache Humane Society works hard to be involved with the community, the people  and animals of Cache Valley. We also aim for the local community to be part of the goals which we achieve.

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We  run a variety of programs and projects  to increase responsible pet ownership and to increase community involvement in the great work we do.  We want to reach our ultimate aim of decreasing  the number of unwanted pets and animals in the area and making Utah a No Kill State.



We have many educational opportunities for children of all ages. PAWS Academy is our after school club for children 6-15. We also offer Off-Leash Youth Camps during thre summer. For the older youth, we have a Junior Volunteer Program that meets weekly. We also offer Tours, Presentations, and Scout opportunites.

Please visit our Education Page for more information or email


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We are an Open Admission Shelter, we take in all animals regardless of age, condition, breed or temperament.

We do not turn any animals away from our doors.   But we only have limited capacity and space at our shelter. When we get crowded we able to ask our team of volunteer foster carers to take care of some of our animals. Foster carers also take great care of animals which need extra attention such as neo natal puppies or kittens, or animals which are over stressed by a shelter environment. We are always looking for more foster carers. Having enough foster carers who can help us, means more animals will be saved.



Cache Humane Society has a wide variety of volunteer roles with flexible hours, for individuals and small or large groups who are interested in animal welfare, and who want to make an impact in the community. Following training and orientation, individuals will get an engaging and interesting volunteer experience, working directly with staff and animals. Cache Humane Society is far more than "The local pound". Volunteering with Cache Humane Society, is a unique way to learn how animal shelters operate and what animal rescue is really all about.

Plus you sometimes get to cuddle puppies and kittens!

Large and small groups can help in a variety of useful ways around our shelter. Group volunteers, get a valuable insight into how Cache Humane Society works proactively with the local community to help solve the issue of unwanted animals, and to reach the goal to make Utah a No Kill state. Be a volunteer with Cache Humane Society, and become part of the solution!

TRAP-NEUTER-RETURN - We rent traps to people who have feral or community cats, they then bring the cats on surgery day to be spayed or neutered. We mark the cat’s ear to show it has been fixed and it is returned to the area it was found. The TNR program will over time reduce unwanted stray and feral cats in the local area. Find out more information here.

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All of our programs and projects are funded purely through private grant funding and through the generosity of the community. We receive no government funding and are not affiliated with other humane societies.  Please help us to continue helping you and your neighbors.

Consider making a donation toward a particular project or program, or give a general donation to Cache Humane Society by Paypal, check or cash and directly at the shelter. Click here for more information on how you can help Cache Humane Society.


Thank you for your support!