Why Donate to a Special Fund? 

We set up "To Infinity and beyond" to help us save more lives.

We are an open admission shelter. We never turn an animal away. This means that many animals come to the shelter with medical conditions which require immediate treatment.

The fund makes sure we can always take care of these special animals, so that they are helped quickly and can go to their forever homes as soon as they are fit and healthy. 

You may decide to make a general donation for Cache Humane Society which will be awesome, and will help us take care of all of our animals and continue to run the many programs we offer. 

But if, instead of making a general donation, you decided to dedicate your donation by labelling it, "To Infinity and Beyond", you can be sure that your donation goes to the specific purpose of helping the medical needs of special animals like Buzz or Pirate, which come to our shelter,




Pirate was  found, in a lot of pain, hiding under a car in a Walmart parking lot in Logan. His eye was badly infected and to save the cats life, it was decided the eye would have to be removed.






We asked for donations "To Infinity and Beyond" and through the kindness of people who reached out for Pirate, we were able to complete the surgery and save his life. He was placed in a foster family while he recovered from the surgery. But was quickly, back on his feet.






The awesome  happy end of the story for the Walmart Pirate is that he was adopted to his forever home, right here in the valley.


Your Donation

"To Infinity and Beyond"

will make a difference!