Considering finding a new home for your pet because of financial hardship? Cache Humane Society may be able to help! Bring proof of your low-income status or government aid and we will sign you up for FREE pet food. 

Because of limited resources, this program may begin or end at any time, and food may not be available at all times to all participants. In addition, CHS reserves the right to limit participation to those in real need and refuse participation to those who, in our opinion, can make do without. In addition, re-qualification is required every 3 months to reconsider the needs of the applicant.

Applications are available at the Cache Humane Society, or on-line.

Please be sensitive to others in need and only participate if you truly cannot keep your pet otherwise.

You must show proof that all of your pets have been spayed or neutered. You must not take on any additional pets until you do not need the Pet Food Pantry anymore. 



We always welcome donations of pet food at the shelter. so that we can help out as many people in need as possible. We do not mind what brand or type of food, providing that it has not been opened  We do not mean to seem ungrateful when we refuse the open bags, but open food gets ruined by mice and snakes in our storage shed.  To help us prevent mouse problems in our storage sheds, please make sure that the food is NOT already open.