Trap/Neuter/Return Option

If you have unowned, stray, or feral cats on your property, this humane option is for you!

Research suggests that killing stray or feral cats is not an effective long-term solution to a population problem. Removing a feral cat from its territory creates a 'vacuum effect' that will allow even more cats to enter that territory. 

Spaying and neutering also reduces nuisance behaviors like fighting, howling, and spraying.  With Cache Valley's climate and agricultural landscape, we will always be home to feral cats.  It's better for everyone if they are fixed and vaccinated!  

Services are availble at our standard spay, neuter, and vaccine rates.

Trapping Instructions 

See Humane Trapping Instructions for Feral Cats for tips and tricks.  

Pick up humane traps at our front desk. There is no fee, but we do require a $60 refundable deposit to assure the traps are returned.  We are not able to accept feral cats for surgery unless they come in a humane trap. 

Cats should not be trapped any longer than 24 hours prior to surgery.

In hot weather, we ask that cats are only trapped on the evening before surgery so that they do not risk heat exhaustion or dehydration.

Remember, an ear tipped cat has already been fixed! If you trap one of these, release it again.  

What is Ear-Tipping?

An ear-tip is a visual clue that a cat has been sterilized and vaccinated.  All cats sterilized and vaccinated will be ear-tipped while under anesthesia. 

I don't want the cats back on my property, what happens next?

We know that stray cats on your property can be frustrating.  Remember though, cats are territorial and you may end up with even more feral cats if you continue to remove them.   

Spaying and neutering reduces many of the nuisance behaviors -- like fighting, spraying, and howling -- associated with stray cats.  By putting the fixed cats back where you found them, you will help reduce the number of unwanted cats in the future. You will save lives! 

What does TNR involve?

TNR is a no-kill initiative. You will catch the cat or cats in humane traps and bring them to Cache Humane Society on our clinic days. We sterilize, vaccinate and ear tip the cats. You will then collect the cats and  release the cat back to where you found it.

It is best if the cat is released back in the area where it was trapped. If you do not, it creates a gap in the colony which will just be filled by another stray, possible unfixed cat.