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Pet Microchip Service

What is a Microchip?

We want to make sure that lost pets are easily reunited with their owner. We do this through offering a safe painless micro chip service for your pet. A microchip is a small sterile chip, no larger than a grain of rice, put between the shoulder blades of the animal. It is a quick procedure, your pet will just feel like it is getting a shot. The microchip has a unique number that is stored in a national database that links your pet with your contact information.

For $20 we can Microchip your pet, every Thursday, during our Community Clinic hours.

How does it work?

The Micro chip has a unique number, which shows up when we scan your pet. This number links to your account on the Petlink database, so the pet is identified as yours.

When you get a microchip with Cache Humane Society, you get  a lifetime registration for your pet, through Petlink.net and it is very easy to update your contact information.  We set up your account with them and you can update it yourself, at home, with as many contacts as you would like for your pet. If you have other pets registered with other microchip companies, you can even change your other pets microchip information over to petlink.net on their website. So all your pets have the same contact information for you.

Why should I microchip my Pet?

Collars and tags can fall off or animals can escape your home without wearing them. Animal Control Officers always scan stray animals which they pick up, for a microchip. We also scan any animal which comes to the shelter too. Our aim is always to reunite a lost pet with it's owner. But Microchips are only effective to us, if the contact information linked to it, is current. Please remember to update, each time you change your telephone, or move house. This will reduce the number of animals which remain in our shelter, unclaimed, because we cannot identify their owner. 

What if my animal is an indoor animal, does it need a Microchip?

Indoor animals can become outdoor animals very quickly, by accident, or by way of an open door or window. Animals can get spooked by loud noises and fireworks. A microchip is added security that you will be reunited with your pet, should it ever escape.




Humane Euthanasia for Your Pet

We know pets become like your family. We understand that saying a final farewell is never an easy decision to make. But sadly, sometimes the time is right to say good bye to your beloved Pet. Only you can make the decision when the quality of your animal's life is not what it should be. Cache Humane Society offers a Humane Euthanasia service by painless injection when this sad time has come.

We normally offer this service during business hours but an appointment must be made. This makes sure you do not have to wait for us at this sad time. Particularly if you would like to be with your pet during the procedure.

Prices vary, based on weight and animal.

Pet's Weight Dogs Cats
50 lbs and under $50 $40
51 lbs - 74 lbs $60 --
75 + lbs $70 --

You may call us at (435) 792-3920 to schedule an appointment.

We also offer cremation services through Heavenly Animals, the prices for this service are listed below:

Pet's Weight Price
0 lbs - 100 lbs $125
101 lbs - 150 lbs $145
151 lbs - 200 lbs $150