Community Spay/Neuter Clinic

Our skilled Spay and Neuter Surgeons have performed over 16,000 Spays and Neuters at our facility!   

Pricing and additional information available here.

Needing to make an appointment? Click here to fill out our Spay/Neuter Request Form and a staff member will contact you to schedule an appointment. 

Low Cost Vaccinations

We offer all necessary vaccinations foyour dog or cat, including rabies. Visit us any time between 10 AM and 6 PM on our Community Clinic days to update your pet's vaccines.  

Other Services

We do not have a veterinary doctor on site every day, so we are unable to diagnose illnesses for public animals nor can we prescribe medications.

We do offer a compassionate and painless, humane euthanasia service if you decide that the time is right for your senior or sick pet.

Please look at our Clinic Schedule for our next clinic days, and make a Spay or Neuter appointment or drop in for you pet's vaccinations, or microchip soon!