We understand that home and family circumstances may require the surrender of a beloved pet and we are committed to finding them new homes.  

The Surrender Fee


  • $25 if under 7 years old with no significant medical or behavioral issues
  • $50 if over 7 or has medical or behavioral issues that will require additional treatment and training 


  • $25 if owner has proof of spay/neuter and current vaccination 
  • $50 if intact or not vaccinated 

If you bring more than one pet you will have to pay this fee for each animal.

This fee covers only the initial administration and health intake costs for each animal. All other costs to insure the animal is happy and comfortable are covered by other generous donations we receive.

If you are able, please consider donating more to support the animal you are surrendering, until it is adopted. You may also considering sponsoring your animal, to reduce the adoption fee for it’s future owner. We often find sponsoring encourages faster adoptions.

The decision to surrender your pet

We know that this can be a very emotional situation for many people and we try to provide the best support at this hard time.

Cache Humane Society strives to provide a non- judgmental place for people to bring their pets where the animal will be safe and comfortable and have the best possible chance to find a new home. We are an open admissions shelter and will never turn away an animal.

Before you surrender your pet to us. 

As an open admissions shelter, we are here to help any animal, but our space is limited. Before bringing your animal to Cache Humane Society, please first consider  privately finding an appropriate new home for your pet, through friends or family or other resources. 

Do you really need to give up your pet?

We can help you feed your pet

If you are surrendering your animal because  you are struggling afford pet food, please consider our Pet Food Pantry program. We accept any proof of financial need, including CHIP, SNAP, and SS Disability.  

Training Issues?

If the reason you are surrendering your pet is a training issue, please remember all animals are different and take time to learn.  It may be that your animal will be better behaved, with more time and patience.  There are a number of free online resources and videos to help address basic behavioural issues. We also have a Pinterest page, with lots of useful links about training.  First seek professional training assistance where necessary before surrendering an animal that is not behaving exactly how you would like it to.

Does your Pet have other Behavioral Issues?

Remember that many behavioral issues or anti-social habits in your pet, can often be solved simply by spaying or neutering your pet. Please review clinic services for more information.

Cache Humane Society does not have the funding or resources available to rehabilitate very aggressive animals. We always do a full assessment for an animal surrendered by reason of aggression. We pursue all possible adoption, foster, and rescue transfer options but unfortunately, very occasionally euthanasia may be the most humane option for a very aggressive animal. This is never an decision we take lightly. 

Is your pet very old or very sick?

If you are surrendering because an animal is old or sick and you are unable or unwilling to pay veterinary costs. it may be that your pet will not be appropriate for adoption. While people do occasionally adopt animals which are considered senior or with known health issues and we may be able to pursue rescue options for senior of special needs animals. Unfortunately, Cache Humane Society does not have the funding or resources to take care of very sick animals indefinitely. At the point of surrender, we may ask you to consider whether euthanasia may be the most humane option for your pet which is  very sick.



The Legal Contract

We will require that you complete a Surrender Contract. You must give us full disclosure, on this form, about the animal’s background, as far as you are aware. Please provide honest answers so that we can pass this information onto possible adopters. We want to be able to match the animal with the most appropriate new family. Please bring with you all vaccination and veterinary records.


There is no “Cooling Off” Period. You should be absolutely certain in your decision to surrender your pet. This contract signs ownership over to Cache Humane Society and the animal, if appropriate, will be placed in our adoption area immediately and may be potentially adopted within the same hour or day. Or, where absolutely necessary by reason of untreatable illness, injury or  aggression, the animal may be euthanized.


You must only surrender an animal that legally belongs to you. You must not surrender an animal which legally belongs to somebody else including family members, unless you have their express permission to do so.  Cache Humane Society does not have to prove this. The person who completes and signs the Surrender Contract confirms they are the legal owner of the animal and/or have express permission of the legal owner to surrender the animal to us. 


Your rights, after you surrender your pet to Cache Humane Society

Once you surrender ownership of your pet, by signing the surrender contract, it then belongs to Cache Humane Society. While you can monitor it's progress through the "adoptable animals" webpages, you do not have a right to any information about the animal, or what has happened to the animal. Cache Humane Society, it's staff or volunteers, do not have a duty to provide information about your pet and have the right to refuse to provide information.  

If you change your mind about the animal once you have surrendered it, and it is still available for adoptions, you will have to go through the Adoption Process to get the animal back.


What does Cache Humane Society do next?

Unlike  government funded shelters, Cache Humane Society has no time limit on the amount of time an animal stays at our shelter. We work hard to try to find animals new forever homes. So as long as the animals are without serious illness, injury or very aggressive behavior we care for them to the best of our resources until they are adopted.

We have dedicated and caring staff and volunteers who make sure that animals are at their adoptable best. We work tirelessly to insure that animals are kept happy and comfortable, socialized and groomed. You can help us support the surrendered animal to get adopted by sponsoring or donating in other ways.

The animal you surrendered may be fostered or adopted through Cache Humane Society. The animal may also be sent to an new shelter through our Transfer Program. This program allows the opportunity for shelter animals to receive a second chance or third chance to find a forever home in a new area, throughout the state.