First Step:

Contact Animal control for the area where you last saw your animal. Visit our animal control page for contact information.  

Animal Control will check ID and rabies tags on collars and scan found animals for a microchip.  Please keep contact information on tags and microchips up-to-date, it helps us get your pet home.  

Next Step:

If Animal Control can not locate an owner, they may bring the animal to us to provide humane housing while we continue the search.  Their picture will immediately be added to our Impounded Animals page.  Some towns in Cache Valley impound at local facilities, ask your Animal Control Officer where your town impounds animals.  

If an animal is injured or hurt when it arrives at the shelter, we will ensure it receives the necessary treatment and you may be charged for this treatment when you reclaim your pet.

Our first goal is always to re-unite lost pets with their owner.  We will hold stray pets for 5 days before we begin the search for a new, loving home.  

Other Local Resources:

KSL Lost and Found Pets

On Facebook: "Utah Lost and Found", Cache Valley Pets and Animals,  and Cache Valley Pets Classified

Knock on doors, pass the word around, and post notices where people may see them. 

Above all, DO NOT GIVE UP, we have stories of animals being reunited with their owners months after being lost!

How to Reclaim your Pet:

If you think you see your missing pet on our Impounded Animals page, please call us at 435-792-3920 or visit the shelter.

The reclaim process differs between different local government agencies, so please contact Cache Humane Society first for more information before trying to claim your pet. 

You may visit the shelter to identify your pet, but you will likely need to visit your city office to begin the process to reclaim your pet. You will be required to provide your license, proof of rabies and  proof of spay/neuter for fixed animals.

It is highly likely you will be charged an impound fee and maybe a penalty depending on the situation. Cache Humane Society reserves the right to also charge to cover our costs of taking care of your pet overnight, and any medical costs incurred by your pet including necessary vaccinations. 

Please remember you can only reclaim your pet from the shelter during normal Business Hours and be aware that city offices usually close around 5:00pm and are closed weekends.


Do not give up on your lost pet

and remember, we are here to help.

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