Cache Humane Society offers a unique service to the local community. We provide a safe place for stray animals until they are reclaimed or rehomed. This page is to help pet owners locate and identify their lost pets. The animals on this page have been brought into the shelter by local Animal Control officers within the last 5 days. If your lost pet is not listed on this page, do not give up! Check back regularly as the page updates each hour. Please also go to our Lost Pet Page for more help.

If you think you see your missing pet below, please call Cache Humane Society at 435-792-3920 or you may visit the shelter to check if we have your pet. The reclaim process differs between different local government agencies, so please contact us first, for full information, before trying to claim your pet.

Before you can take your pet home, you will likely need to visit your city office to begin the process to reclaim your pet. Note that city offices are not open on weekends. You will be required to provide proof of rabies, if current, and spay/neuter for fixed animals. You can only reclaim your pet from Cache Humane Society during our business hours, and only after you have paid all fees due to the city and to us.

After 5 days these animals legally become the property of Cache Humane Society and can be made available for adoption or transfer. Impounded animals are not available for adoption until they are moved to the Adoptable Dogs, Adoptable Cats, or Adoptable Small Animals page. We may be able to provide limited information on these animals, but you will not be able to meet or view them until they are made available for adoption.

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Last updated: Apr 3, 2020 02:04 AM