Cache Humane Society works hard through the generous donations of the local community to help animals in need in Cache Valley. There are rules and regulations we must follow in relation to stray and lost animals which you may have found.


What to do first

When you find an animal, and it does not have obvious identification, it is often sensible to check in the local neighborhood to see if someone has lost a pet. Sometimes an animal may just be around the corner from it’s home. If you have found a litter of kittens, be sure that the momma is not nearby before you touch or move them.


If you cannot immediately find an animal’s owner or it has clearly been abandoned, you must first contact animal control whenever you find an animal. Visit our animal control page for more information on who to contact for your area. Animal control is often the first place an owner will call if they have lost a pet, and they scan found animals for a micro-chip, so they can try to identify the owner. They are best placed to reunite an animal with their owner.


If you arrive at the shelter with a stray or an animal you have found in the local area, we will ask you to call the appropriate animal control office and you will have to complete paperwork with them first, before we can take the animal from you. We legally cannot accept animals directly from the public, without animal control’s involvement, unless the person owns the animal or animal control has given us permission to accept the animal.


In cases where we are allowed to accept the animal without  going through Animal Control, we must go through our usual animal surrender procedure and charge a surrender fee. This is a minimal fee to take in an animal and only covers administration and medical intake costs.


Sometimes it can seem frustrating  to have to pay a fee for an animal which is not your own, and which you are trying to rescue, but please consider it as a donation to help the animal find a new home.


We do not set a maximum time limit on how long a heatlhy animal remains available for adoption. We may transfer to other shelters to give the animal a second chance.


If the animal is not yours, you have called animal control and completed the paperwork with them at the shelter, there is no fee, but you may wish to donate something to help the animal while at the shelter.


Cache Humane Society is able to provide a safe place for lost pets,  because of donations and payment for our services. We are a non profit organization. We do not receive any funding from other Humane Societies, nor from the government or the city but we do work closely with animal control to assist stray and lost animals in finding their owners.

Thank you for helping us to play an active part

to help animals in need in Cache Valley!