Lost and Stray Pets in Cache Valley

Cache Humane Society operates a non-profit Animal Adoption Center.  We find new homes for pets when their families can no longer care for them and we find homes for unclaimed stray animals.  

We can not legally accept lost and stray pets directly from individuals.  These pets may have a worried family waiting for them.  They must be held by Animal Control for a minimum of 5 days to give their families time to find them before an organization like Cache Humane Society can begin the process of finding a new home. 

It is illegal to abandon animals at Cache Humane Society.  See the Utah Animal Welfare Act for more information.  

Stray Dogs & Cats in Logan City and Unincorporated Cache County 

Stray pets in Logan City and Unincorporated Cache County are housed at New Vision Veterinary. All Impounded pets must have a microchip, be current on a rabies vaccinations, be licensed with their city, and have their impound fees paid before they are released back to their owner.

New Vision Veterinary also takes a limited number of animals as owner surrenders. Have a dog or cat you can not care for anymore? Visit New Vision Veterinary:

Address: 1180 1/2 W 200 N, Logan UT 84321
Phone: (435)-265-6040


Monday: 9-1 and 3-6

Tuesday: 9-1 and 3-6

Wednesday: 9-1 and 3-6

Thursday: 9-1 and 3-6

Friday: 9-1 and 3-6

Saturday: 9 - 12

Sunday: Closed


What to do if you find a lost animal in Cache Valley: 

First Step 

This is a great opportunity to meet the neighbors!  Knocking on a few doors may help.  Sometimes an animal may just be around the corner from its home. If you have found a litter of kittens, be sure that the momma is not nearby before you touch or move them.

Second Step 

If you cannot immediately find an animal’s owner or it has clearly been abandoned, you must contact Animal Control.  Visit our Animal Control page for your local contact information.   

Animal control is often the first place an owner will call if they have lost a pet and they can scan found animals for a micro-chip. They are committed to helping reunite an animal with their owner! 

Some Animal Control departments contract with Cache Humane Society to house stray animals.  We provide boarding while we work together to find their families.  These pets will be brought to CHS by an Animal Control Officer, please do not transport them independently.  

Important Note

If you arrive at the shelter with a stray animal you have found we will ask you to call the appropriate Animal Control Department.  We legally cannot accept animals directly from the public, without Animal Control’s involvement, unless the person owns the animal or animal control has given us permission to accept the animal

Cache Humane Society is able to provide a safe place for homeless pets because of donations and payment for our services. We are a non profit organization. We do not receive any funding from other Humane Societies, nor from tax payer dollars.   

Thank you for helping us save lives in Cache Valley!