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Species: Dog
Breed: Mix
Gender: Fixed male
Age: 10 years, 2 months (estimated)
Weight: 67 lbs 1 oz.
Housetrained: Yes

Good With

Prancer is a big bear of a dog. Like a bear, he'd like a nice warm cave to sleep in at night, but a home and soft bed will do just as nicely. If he had to choose between a good lie down or a frolic through the countryside, he'd prefer the lie down (it requires much less exercise). This sweet guy likes toys that he can get his teeth into and chew up without making too much of a mess. He is a ladies man and would thrive in a woman only home. A home with older children is also preferable; he's ready for a quiet life without too much excitement. If you've always wanted to adopt a bear, Prancer is your chance!