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Species: Dog
Breed: Belgian Shepherd Malinois/Heeler Mix
Gender: Fixed male
Age: 3 years, 11 months (estimated)
Weight: 70 lbs 0 oz.
Housetrained: Yes

Good With

This is our Dash, another favorite among the staff. He is usually a pretty chill fella, and would do well in a calmer home environment. He arrived to us a bit fearful of new people and other dogs, but he has come a very long way in his training and has really developed. He is very good natured, and is much better about meeting people now, and gets along with most other dogs. During playgroups, he is a favorite to have as a good mentor for the other younger dogs, and Dash helps teach them good manners and proper behavior around other animals. Though he is usually pretty calm, there are times when he will let loose a bit and loves to play and chase with other dogs. He also enjoys toys, and is particularly fond of playing ball. Dash is highly intelligent, eager to learn, and easy to teach new skills. Dash is an excellent dog, full of loyalty and love, and ready to find his furever home. Come in today to see Dash, and let him show you what a great addition he would make in your home.