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Species: Dog
Breed: Border Collie/Mix
Gender: Fixed male
Age: 0 years, 4 months (estimated)
Housetrained: No

Good With

Lane is a sweet dog but shy. He has not been out into the world much and is very unsure of humans and her surroundings. He needs an adopter who has had shy dogs before and will be able to spend time with him. With him learning of the world, having children 12 years and older in the home will help him relax. He takes time to warm up to new dogs but when he knows they weren't her he thrives when they are around so having another dog in the home would be great for him. He will love to have a fully fenced secure yard that he can run and play in. He is going to need someone who can show him the world is exciting and fun. If you think that he will be a good fit for you, fill out a questionnaire today.