Board of Directors

John Drew - President

John serves as mayor of Providence City, has an FCC amateur radio license and participates in a number of community organizations and events. John is a business owner/consultant/accountant and has had numerous experiences managing businesses, leading growing and changing organizations, and developing long term strategic business plans. He is a CPA and has an MBA and has won recognition from business associates for innovative ideas. He and his wife are the former owners of the Cracker Barrel in Paradise.

John and his wife have four dogs and one cats; Molly, Bernie, Otto, Diva, and Cali. They all have different personalities, and keep the family entertained.

Joshua E. Gardynik - Treasurer

Joshua has over a decade of experience with I.T. web development, and business operations, graduating from Utah State University with a bachelor's in Business Information Systems. He has actively participated at CHS on the Board of Directors and as a volunteer since 2010, helping to maintain and expand much of their technology. He's also an avid photographer when he can find the time. He lives with two dogs, two cats, and a 210 gallon freshwater aquarium.

Joe Schulte - Secretary

Joe was born in St. Louis but has lived in MD, CT, IN & NY due to job changes. His BS & Masters from St. Louis University has served him well. Joe & Anita will celebrate 50 years of marriage in 2019. They have one child who is a very active & dedicated volunteer for CHS. Joe moved to Logan in 1995 when offered the position of CFO at Global Accessories. He eventually became the president of the company. Joe has spent the last ten years at Walt USA (the local sock store!) Joe was a Senior Vice President & General Manger at Walt. Joe retired from full-time work in 2017. Joe is enjoying becoming active in CHS. His wife, Anita, and daughter Whitney are ferocious animal lovers. We’ve been lucky to share our home with an Old English Sheep Dog, two Airedale Terriers, two Lakeland Terriers & a Yorkshire Terrier. Joe’s nickname is Dog Dad. It seems that wherever we have lived, a cat has adopted us.

Lori Spears

Lori earned her Ph.D. in Ecology at Utah State University, where she is now an Entomologist for the Department of Biology. She leads surveys for invasive agricultural pests and provides educational programs that enhance efforts to prevent invasive species introduction and spread. Lori and her husband (Ben) live in Paradise with three dogs, one cat, and several farm animals. Lori and Ben named their farm “Hobbled Dog Farm” after the special/medical needs animals they have rescued, including three-legged, blind, and heartworm+ dogs.