Happy Tails: We are so much more than the Pound

Our History 

Cache Humane Society has been helping animals in Cache Valley for over 40 years!

We were established in 1976 by local animal-lovers who fostered animals in their own homes, barns, and garages.  After much fundraising, hard work and community support,  we opened a new shelter in 2008.  We have expanded into a 5,000 square foot facility, with dedicated space for education programs, meeting space for potential adopters, and an outdoor play park for our shelter animals.   

As we've grown, we expanded our family of animal-lovers to include over 30 staff and hundreds of volunteers.   

Mission Statement

Cache Humane Society is the center of animal welfare, recovery, and adoption activity in Cache Valley.  We cultivate innovative programs that inspire personal commitments to loving pet ownership and community participation in companion animal well-being.  We work with local government officials, animal care providers, rescue organizations, and citizens to support compassionate stewardship of animal welfare.  

Vision Statement

Cache Humane Society provides:

  • A safe environment, healthy nutritious food, clean water, and love and attention for all animals housed in our facility
  • Professional and thoughtful service to individuals relinquishing animals for any reason
  • Fun and educational programs designed to promote responsible pet ownership and compassionate stewardship of companion animal welfare
  • An affordable Spay/Neuter and Vaccination Clinic committed to reducing the number of homeless pets in Cache Valley and supporting healthy companion animals
  • Recognition of the valuable service of the many volunteers and diligent staff who ensure the shelter remains a place of respect, dignity, and caring

Values Statement

We believe all companion animals deserve to be treated with dignity and compassion. We believe our facility provides a joyful, safe and welcoming place to find a new pet or to receive pet services.  We believe our education programs help nurture the next generation of loving pet owners.  We support an innovative, courageous, and thoughtful family of staff and volunteers and strive to share our ethic with the greater community. 

Cache Humane Financial Reports 

2018 IRS 990  

2019 IRS 990

2020 IRS 990 

2017 & 2018 Audited Financial Statements 

2019 & 2022 Reviewed Financial Statements 

What do will still hope to achieve? 

Cache Humane Society is a No-Kill shelter.  

In 2015, Cache Humane Society’s staff and board of directors made the commitment to go no-kill.  What does no-kill mean?  It means an animal will never be euthanized due to length of stay or space limitations.  This does mean that owners may encounter a wait-list when surrendering a pet.  We will contact them as soon as space becomes available.  

We know that a small percentage of animals entering the shelter system may have behavioral issues so severe that safe adoption is not possible.  Rarely, an animal may be so sick or injured that euthanasia may be the most humane option.  To be considered no-kill, a shelter must have a live release rate (adoption, return-to-owner, or transfer to another rescue group) of 90% or more.  In 2018, the save rate for CHS was 98% for dogs and 92% for cats.  CHS helped save over 1700 cats and dogs in 2017!