Happy Tails: We are so much more than the Pound

Our History 

Cache Humane Society, has been helping animals in Cache Valley for almost 40 years!

We were established in 1976 by local animal-lovers who fostered animals in their own homes, barns, and garages.  After much fundraising, hard work and community support,  we opened a new shelter in 2008.  We have expanded into a 5,000 square foot facility, with dedicated space for education programs, meeting space for potential adopters, and an outdoor play park for our shelter animals.   

As we've grown, we expanded our family of animal-lovers to include over 20 staff and hundreds of volunteers.   

Our Services 

Cache Humane Society is your local non-profit animal shelter and public spay/neuter clinic.  We are not supported by government funds or national organizations.  We rely on support from the local community to help us make Cache Valley a compassionate and welcoming place for all companion animals. 

We offer a safe place to surrender a family pet when personal circumstances and challenges require a change.  Our free Pet Food Pantry helps keep pets in homes by supporting families through tough times. 

We are also the central impound facility for much of Cache County.  Lost pets from many Cache Valley towns and the rural county are brought to our shelter so we can help them reunite with their families.  With the help of our website and social media, about 75% of our stray dogs find their people!   

What do will still hope to achieve? 

Cache Humane Society is a No-Kill shelter.  

In 2015, Cache Humane Society’s staff and board of directors made the commitment to go no-kill.  What does no-kill mean?  Every animal at CHS will receive the care necessary until it finds a forever home, no matter how long it takes.  CHS will provide love, food, shelter, basic veterinary care, and spay or neuter for every animal that enters the door.  This commitment means that sometimes we will temporarily not be able to take in more animals due to lack of space.

We know that a small percentage of animals entering the shelter system may have behavioral issues so severe that safe adoption is not possible.  Rarely, an animal may be so sick or injured that euthanasia may be the most humane option.  But CHS believes that no adoptable animal should die in our care simply for lack of space.  To be considered no-kill, a shelter must have a live release rate (adoption, return-to-owner, or transfer to another rescue group) of 90% or more.  In 2016, the save rate for CHS was 97% for dogs and 91% for cats.  CHS helped save over 1800 cats and dogs in 2017!

If, due to limited resources, an animal’s needs cannot be met by CHS, we partner with other no-kill organizations that can provide the necessary care, be it medical care for significant health issues, or specialized training for behavioral problems.  CHS also helps save lives by bringing in dogs from overcrowded shelters in Utah and beyond; these are adoptable animals at risk for euthanasia simply because they ended up in shelter with limited space.

CHS partners with nearly 60 other animal welfare organizations across the state of Utah in the Best Friends Animal Society-led NKUT Coalition. The NKUT Coalition is committed to transforming Utah into a no-kill state by 2019.

You can help!

Adopt, don’t shop.  Shelter animals make great pets.  Even pure bred animals sometimes make their way into shelters.  Find your next furry family member in a shelter that supports the no-kill philosophy.

Spay/neuter your pet.  Unwanted litters contribute to pet overpopulation and overly full shelters.  A fertile cat can easily give birth to over 100 kittens in her lifetime. Be a responsible pet owner and get your pet fixed.

Support your local shelter or rescue groups that believe that no-kill is the only humane way to address pet overpopulation.  Show your support through donation, volunteer work, or adoption.

Spread the word!  Ask your friends and family to make adoption the first option, and encourage them to spay/neuter their pets.

Have Questions about How we Operate? 

The Board, Director and Staff of Cache Humane Society values the positive  community support  we receive. We need this, to help us save animals lives. We know that Cache Valley is full of animal lovers.  We receive donations and support and have a high adoption rate because we have a valley of animal lovers.

Our staff are more than happy to show you around our facilities, chat with you and answer any questions you might have about the work we do. We want you to be on our side, we need your support,  so that we can save the lives of more animals and help this state in which we live, become No Kill.

The Original Board Statements

When Cache Humane Society was founded, it was established with the following in mind. We continue to stand by these statements.

Our Motto

"Young or Old, Big or Small, Injured or Healthy we help them all"

Mission Statement

The Cache Humane Society will be the center of animal welfare, recovery, and adoption activity within Cache Valley. We will strive to educate the citizens of Cache Valley on the full extent of their stewardship responsibilities so that they act to fulfill those obligations. It is our hope that through our many programs and services, we will be able to eliminate pain, fear, suffering, and homelessness for companion animals. We intend to accomplish this by working with local governments, municipalities, veterinarians and animal health care providers, other rescue organizations, and citizens to efficiently and effectively accomplish our mission.

Vision Statement

We will work until homelessness and abuse are no longer issues within our community and our adoption services are no longer needed. Through our example and work, we will affect and influence similar activity throughout Utah and the region.

Values Statement

We strongly believe companion animals deserve a high quality of life, which requires love and quality basic care. At our shelter we will provide a clean and safe environment, healthy and nutritious food, clean water, and plenty of love and attention. We will provide professional and thoughtful service to those individuals adopting or relinquishing animals. We appreciate the sacrifice and service of the many volunteers who contribute to the work of the shelter and recognize the efforts and diligence of staff in ensuring the shelter remains a place of respect, dignity, and caring.