S.N.I.P & V.I.P.


The S.N.I.P. (Spay/Neuter Intervention Program) and V.I.P. (Vaccination Intervention Program) are available to the general public! 


When: We are currently only able to offer vaccines when our vet is on-site. This is the same as our surgery day schedule.
This month's schedule can be found on our Home page.
Where: Cache Humane Society 
              2370 W. 200 N. 
              Logan, UT 84321
       Rabies: $20
       Feline Distemper: $20 
       Feline Leukemia: $20
       Feline Dewormer (pyrantel): $10/dose (2 dose min)
       Canine Distemper/parvo: $20
       Canine Bordetella (kennel cough): $20
       Canine Dewormer (pyrantel): $10/dose (2 dose min)


When: Most Fridays, occasional Wednesdays (additional days as needed).
This month's schedule can be found on our Home page.
Where: Cache Humane Society
              2370 W. 200 N.
              Logan, UT 84321
       Cat neuter: $45
       Cat spay: $55
       Dog neuter: $60
       Dog spay: $70
       Dogs 75 lbs and over: $1 per pound.
       Rabbits: $80 (male), $120 (female)
       **Extra charges may apply for animals in heat, pregnant, or with special conditions.** 

      Some of the Additional Fees include:

  • Dogs Under 10 lbs. - $10 additional
  • In-heat, pregnant, infection - $25
  • Cryptochrid - $40 per testicle

To schedule: Contact one of our customer service representatives at 435-792-3920 and schedule an appointment ahead of time.

Low-Income Families and Feral Cats: We are now accepting Free Fix/Feral Fix vouchers through No More Homeless Pets! Print out an application today and send it or fax it to No More Homeless Pets to receive your low-income voucher. CHS has a fax machine for free use for this purpose. Please allow a few weeks for your application to be accepted. We DO NOT accept applications the day of surgery! You must apply, be approved, and receive your voucher from NMHP to receive your discount. 

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