We are a small and busy team of staff and because of this we really do rely on our volunteers to help the shelter run more efficiently. Following initial orientation and training we require you to be independently productive and effective in whatever volunteer role you choose to do. To help you understand what we mean, and before you consider completing the application, please make sure you will meet our basic requirements.  




  • You must be a minimum of 16 years of age or 18 years for Clinic volunteers, there is no upper age limit provided volunteers are capable of meeting other volunteer requirements
  • Be able to commit to a minimum of a 2 hour weekly recurring schedule for 3 months
  • Have the ability to read, understand and remember all shelter policies and  protocols and to follow direction in relation to them.
  • With the confidence to communicate kindly, courteously, and professionally to staff and members of the public. Human interaction is a requirement of ALL volunteer roles
  • Hold the skills and attributes to fulfill all responsibilities of the role independently, without assistance or constant supervision.
  • Be able to understand and accept the Cache Humane Society's philosophies regarding open admissions and euthanasia as set out at volunteer orientation. 
  • Have the Intention to maintain a positive attitude in a workplace that can be emotional and stressful.
  • Commitment to purchase and wear a CHS volunteer T shirt with pride!


Please email the Volunteer Coordinator at volunteer@cachehumane.org if you have any questions about the basic requirements. In certain circumstances we can be flexible. if you are very committed to volunteering with us but we do reserve the right to decline applications where we do not consider an applicant will be a suitable volunteer.



  • As a general rule, volunteers should be able to lift 50 pounds. Some of our dogs are big and don't always like to walk where you want them to. A gentle lift and nudge is sometime necessary when moving animals between kennels and other areas.
  • Cache Humane is an active volunteer role, you should be prepared to stand and reach for extended periods of time. There may be some roles you can complete without these abilities, but you may be restricted to the roles you may fulfill. 
  • Volunteers should  be prepared for the presence of pet dander and hair particles in the air and on blankets, towels and other materials. You may not think you are allergic to your family pet, but when you interact with more animals in a closed space, allergies may occur.
  • Volunteers will probably come in contact with fluids and other materials produced by animals and should be prepared to handle various environmental smells surrounding the housing of animals.
  • Volunteers will be in contact with various chemicals used to provide sanitary conditions for animals.


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