Thank you for your interest in being a volunteer for Cache Humane Society!

We are so grateful to our committed volunteer team, who offer unbelieveble support and energy, taking time out of their own busy lives,  to assist our small staff team to save animals lives. 

By joining our team you become part of the solution for the problem of unwanted animals in Cache Valley.

We think, the fact you have come to this page probably means that you have the  kindness and willingness to treat the animals in our care with the love and respect they most deserve. We think that you must have a belief and passion for our cause too!

 If this sounds like you, then could be a great Cache Humane Society  volunteer!




  • Volunteering with us makes you feel good. Spending time with our animals will you happier and calmer. They give you unconditional love.

  • Want to make an impact? You will be directly addressing the issue of animals in need in the local and wider community.  

  • Want to save a Life? You will gain a unique understanding about rescued animals and how you can help  them.

  • Lonely? You will meet new friends in our team, and make new connections in the local area.

  • Stuck in a rut? Volunteering will make you feel more useful and productive generally, which normally makes life happier.

  • Want a better chance finding a job? Volunteering is a positive attribute to add to your resume and we often recruit from our volunteer team.

  • Feeling Sad? Our animals give good hugs (so do our staff if you ask them nicely!)

  • Missing your pet, but can't adopt? As a CHS Volunteer you can take our dogs or cats on daytrips and overnight stays away from the shelter.




We aim to inspire you to bring your valuable time and energy to help Cache Humane Society. We hope to help you understand the work we do, so you can better serve the animals in our care, and so you will share your belief and passion in our cause to local and wider community.

In exchange, we will provide you with a fun and meaningful volunteer experience, in the area of shelter life that interests you most. After volunteering for 30 logged hours, over 3 months, and providing you are still a current volunteer, you become eligible for discounts on adoptions and services.  Plus you get to cuddle animals!


You become big part of the work which Cache Humane Society does and will gain satisfaction knowing your efforts, however large or small,  are helping animals in need.

We always express gratitude and appreciation for all of the hard work, energy and time given by all our volunteers. 

Plus we often recruit for job openings from within our committed volunteer pool as they have gained first class experience and are normally the best candidates for the job. Many of our current staff team, started as volunteers!



Being a volunteer at the Cache Humane Society can be incredibly rewarding and meaningful. You will be giving a valuable time and love to the animals and giving back to the local community either through working with  the staff and animals at the shelter, assisting in our education program or supporting our fundraising events.

A great volunteer will successfully navigate all the highs and lows of shelter life. You may discover there is no greater joy than helping a nervous animal become more confident with your time and patience and love.  Or you may experience that bitter-sweet moment,  when your favorite rescued animal gets adopted to a new forever home.  Unfortunately volunteer work at the shelter can also be, dirty, tiring, stressful, and on occasion, heartbreaking. You will need to be prepared for this too. But we hope to make the highs far outweigh the lows!


What is it like to be a CHS Volunteer?


“I absolutely love it, the day I went there I immediately clicked with everyone…... It's been quite an experience it's the first time I've ever volunteered for anything and working in the clinic made me certain that I really could be a veterinarian. I intended to work with the shelter any way possible for as long as I can. It's something I really enjoy and leaving the shelter just leaves me feeling so much better….I really do love the animals working with the shelter has definitely been one of the best decisions I've made.”  - Jaylynn

“I absolutely love volunteering for Cache Humane! Whether it's working with the dogs or helping with a fundraiser. It's definitely a highlight of my week” - Michaela

“...volunteering at the Cache Humane Society has been one of the best decisions I've ever made. Those animals mean the world to me!.....Thank you for giving me the opportunity to work with these incredible animals. I look forward to volunteering…”   - Ashley

“I've love being a volunteer at the shelter! Every week I look forward to it, I'm very glad that I've done it, and I can see myself doing this for a long time” - Lauren

“I love it so much! I think the staff is awesome, and the way everything is run is great. I love helping the animals and it's so great when one gets adopted, especially one that has been there for awhile.”  - Nicole

“Volunteering has been so great! I enjoy being at the shelter so much. It is hard work but to me it is all worth it”   -  Rachelle

I think the best part is being able to help the animals and seeing them get adopted. Volunteering is very rewarding.” - Crystal

"Being a volunteer at Cache Humane has been nothing but fun! It is a joy to bring happiness to dogs who don't have homes and when they do get homes, the excitement is indescribable."- KIM

I absolutely love volunteering, it's been really great….it's been awesome getting to see how we take care of all the animals that don't have the homes they deserve yet... I really enjoy being a part of such a cool team. - Alisa

I am loving my volunteer experience! It is easily the highlight of my week.  I love coming to the shelter every Tuesday and helping out in anyway I can.  The staff is always so nice and helpful when I have questions. I have been very impressed with the way the dogs are handled and treated. You can really tell that the staff and other volunteers love what they are doing.  - Madison

I have really enjoyed volunteering at the Cache Humane Society!! It is rare to volunteer in a setting where the staff treats you as an equal and does all they can to make sure that you are getting the most out of the experience. Volunteering in the clinic has been so much fun......I really admire all of the staff for how much they care about the animals and how they do all they can to help them. I definitely plan on continuing to volunteer as long as I can! - Jessica

My time at Cache Humane has truly been a blessing. When school and life was stressful, working with the animals brought joy into my life. Thank you for the opportunity to better my life. Hopefully I helped the animals the same way they helped me. - Quincey






What's the next step to become a Cache Humane Society Volunteer?

 Take a look at the Basic Requirements and Opportunities.