Be a Foster Carer for Cache Humane Society 


Foster Carers are amazing people who give their time and energy to saving the lives of needy animals. You can be a foster carer too. All you need to do is give love, attention, and a temporary home to one of our special animals.











Why become a Foster Carer? 




As a foster carer you get to:


  • Help save lives


  • Help animals get ready to be adopted.


  • Enjoy the benefits of having a pet without all the costs.







Here at Cache Humane Society we try our hardest to help homeless animals find a forever home. But sometimes the shelter just isn't the best place for the animal. This is where you come in. You can give them the environment they need and we will supply you with food, bedding, and medical services for the foster animal. 






What Animals need Foster Care?  

  • Infant puppies and kittens that require bottle-feeding every 2 to 4 hours
  • Kittens and Puppies (with or without mother, to 8 weeks old)
  • Animals recovering from treatable illnesses or surgery other than spay or neuter
  • Underweight animals or Overweight animals



  • Animals in need of minor behavior modification and/or socialization
  • Animals who need a break from shelter life



Basic Requirements to be a Foster Carer


  • Be at least 18 years of age and have family participation
  • Have a valid Utah or Idaho driver's license
  • Have proof of medical, auto, and homeowner's or renter's insurance
  • If renting, provide proof of permission from your landlord that you can have pets in your home
  • Foster pets within Cache Valley


How do I become a Foster Carer?



Complete the

Foster Application





If you are interested in opening your heart and home to these deserving animals, please complete the Foster Program Application.  Return the completed form in person to the Cache Humane Society or by email to our Foster Care Coordinator,



Frequently Asked Questions

What happens after I fill out an Application?

Once review your application, we will contact you to arrange a time for an interview and to complete a home check. We complete interviews and home checks for our foster carers to help us decide which animal will be the best fit for your home. When you and the foster coordinator have agreed on which animal to place in your home you will receive specific care instructions for the animal.