Thank you for visiting our Donate Page. Cache Humane Society is a non profit organization. This means every cent we receive goes straight back to saving more lives.  

We do not receive any funding from the government, state or city through taxes. We also are not financially affiliated in any way to other far larger humane societies.

We are small, we are local, we help animals right here in Cache Valley.



All funds to operate Cache Humane Society and the good work that we do, come through through the generous donations of money, useful items and services from the people of Cache Valley and beyond.  

We raise funds throughout the year with regular and varied fundraising activities and events, held by us and often by members of the community too! Look out for upcoming events on our Facebook Page and at What's New? 

We are able to continue our low cost clinic programs, and Trap Neuter Return and Pet Food Pantry through charitable grants.




We are grateful for all donations no matter how small or big! There are a number of ways that you or your organization can help Cache Humane Society, here are just a few:


MONEY   This is the most flexible of donations. Use our secure donation page now! 

You can choose to donate to one of the Cache Humane Society specific donation funds like "To Infinity and Beyond".  

You may choose to dedicate in memory of a special person who loved animals, or in honor of a beloved pet.

Or you may just choose to make a general donation either individually or on behalf of a foundation which allows Cache Humane Society to allocate to the area of the shelter operations where it is needed most. The easiest way to donate is securely online via our  Donation Page, with your debit or credit card. You can set up regular, monthly or annual donations there too. You may also send us funds, via mail or directly at the shelter.



DONATE IN THE DOGHOUSE Look out for our Doghouse donation boxes in various shops, businesses and banks around the Logan and the valley.



If everyone in the valley dropped in just one penny each time they saw one, great changes could be made in the lives of our animals. Please drop in your spare change  or bills whenever you see one. If you would like to host a Donation Dog House at  your Business location, please contact




If you shop online through Amazon for anything at all, donating could not be easier. In fact  you will not even realize you are doing it!

Amazon Smiles.jpg

Simply log in to your normal Amazon account through and set Cache Humane Society as your chosen charity. Amazon will then donate, on your behalf, a percentage of whatever you spend with them. 

Then, be sure to always shop through rather than to keep the donations coming! 




This is a beggin' list of the items we most frequently use at the shelter.  You may consider adding one or more of these items to your weekly grocery list  and drop them into the shelter.  



You could also order these items online with your normal Amazon account and select us as your nominated charity on  Amazon then donates a % of what you spend, to us on all eligible items.

This enables you to raise money for us while you shop! These item donations are really appreciated and allow us to use our cash donations in other ways. Please see our wishlist for the current much needed items.



Beautiful Beds

We make all of our animals comfortable with dry and clean blankets. But our big wish is to be able to equip each of our kennels with a Kuranda Bed. These are perfectly designed for shelter animals, as they are slightly raised and keep the animal off the floor during colder months. They have a unique chewproof design and are easy to clean and  disinfect. We are able to hang them up for easy cleaning and drying. Right now we have some for smaller dogs and some cats, but our wish is to have enough to put one in each kennel. Please go to for more information. Through this site you can set up a donation page, which will ship what you donate,  directly to us at Cache Humane Society. 



We gratefully accept donations of larger or unusual items which are either useful for the operation of Cache Humane Society, or which we may be able to sell for funds.  Please contact us on (435) 792-3920 if you have this type of donation.


Donor Privacy Policy

Cache Humane Society is committed to protecting the personal information of our donors and ensuring the confidentiality of personal information is maintained. Accordingly, we have established this Donor Privacy Policy in order for donors to understand how their personal information may be used.

All donors who support the mission of the Cache Humane Society through mailed donations, online donations or in-person donations are covered under this policy. In addition, donors who give financial gifts or in-kind gifts are covered under this policy.

The following outlines our Donor Privacy Policy:

  • Cache Humaney Society will never trade, share or sell donors' personal information with any individuals, companies, charities or any other organizations, unless said donor gives permission for recognition purposes. 
  • Cache Humane Society will never send our donors mailings on behalf of any individuals, companies, charities or any organizations other than ourselves. 
  • Donors' personal information that is protected under this policy include names, mailing addresses, email addresses and phone numbers.


Thank you for your donation!