Cache Humane Society has been offering low cost clinic services for community and the animals of Cache Valley since the shelter opened in  2008.

Pet owners find us to be a friendly and convenient place for them to safely care for the needs of their animals without incurring excessive costs. 


Low Cost Spays and Neuters.

We have a skilled Spay and Neuter surgeon and since 2008 we have performed over 8000 Spays and Neuters. This positively impacts the community by reducing the number of unwanted animals which enter shelters. Pet Spays or Neuters, completed at a young age (16 weeks and up)  help pet owners prevent the behavorial problems and medical issues which arise in intact animals.

Low Cost Vaccinations

We offer all necessary vaccinations foyour Dog or Cat, including rabies.  Since 2009, we have administered thousands of necessary vaccinations to make the pet community of Cache Valley a far healthier one!


Other Services

We do not have a veterinary doctor on site every day, so we are unable to diagnose illnesses for public animals nor can we prescribe medications/

We do offer a compassionate  and painless, humane euthanasia service if you decide that the time is right for your senior or sick pet.


Please look at our Clinic Schedule for our next clinic days, and make a Spay or Neuter appointment or drop in for you pet's vaccinations, or microchip soon!