We are pleased to tell you that The Valley View Dog Park is now open to the public.  Featuring a large fully enclosed and secure, grass and mulch running space for your furry friend. There are also trees for sniffing, hills for climbing, tunnels for scooting through, and fresh drinking water.  While your dogs are having fun with their buddies, there are benchs and picnic areas for you to relax, plus trails to walk. and soda machines for refreshment. 

We've made life really easy for your family, the parking lot is large enough for 70 cars, so no more waiting for spaces like at Rendevous Dog Park.  We hope everyone will keep it clean. There are poop stations all around the park, so there is no excuse for not picking up after your furry friend. 

Located right behind our shelter, it's a great space for everyone in the valley to enjoy, all year round!

K9's Unleashed Academy

The Valley View Dog Park, is the new base for K9's Unleashed Academy. They can be found in their office at the dog park, most weekends.

They are all about unleashing dogs potential! They have many courses available, dog sports included. Ask about their courses and get unleashed with your dog today!


Click HERE for a pdf of the proposal made by CHS to the city of Logan.

The mission for the Community Dog Park and Emergency Preparation Site is to create a multi-use area that would:


  1. Provide a fenced, off-leash dog park in Cache Valley where people and their well-behaved dogs could socialize and exercise in a clean and safe environment without endangering or disturbing people, property, or wildlife. 
  2. Provide a secondary use as an area designated for animals in the city, county, and regions' Emergency Operations/Preparedness Plans. 
  3. Provide area for future expansion of the Cache Humane Society shelter as needed.





There is so much potential in this large public community space. We hope in the future it will be a place for socialising, reunions, community events, celebrations, and fundraisers. 

The park is only half complete as of January 2016. More work is needed to complete the surface and drainage on our parking lot and to develop the rear part of the site. We aim to  have separate areas for large and small dog breeds to enjoy their off leash time. Plus a large covered picnic pavillion and rest rooms. 

Please DONATE today to help us complete this fantastic recreational space in Cache Valley