Haven Sponsor

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Species: Dog
Breed: Labrador Mix
Gender: Fixed female
Age: 2 years, 10 months (estimated)
Weight: 69 lbs 0 oz.
Housetrained: Yes

Good With

Haven is a joyful and loving dog who is old enough to be beyond the difficult puppy stage, yet just young enough to be playful and a lot of fun. When meeting new people, she sometimes needs time to develop trust, so being gentle and patient is best. She is intelligent, a very fast learner and eager to please her humans and demonstrate how smart she really is. She's energetic and needs plenty of space to run around so it's best she be with someone who is active, and would love nothing more than to be your partner for activities like mountain biking, jogging, hiking, and especially trips to the water. She enjoys her chew toys and loves playing ball. We were told that she lived and worked on a farm before and is good around livestock. She is playful with other dogs, but cats seem to be her nemesis. She is a devoted and very affectionate dog, and likes to lean against you as you pet her, or join you on the couch and use your lap as her pillow to be as close as she can while watching a movie or just relaxing.