Are you looking for your perfect companion animal?  

Look no further. Adopt, Don't shop!


  • Find an adoptable animal in our shelter which you like and which you think will best fit your family and your circumstances.​
  • Complete an Adoption Application
  • Meet the animal, find out their story, and ask our staff any questions you may have. We may recommend that you bring your current pets to meet our shelter animal before you adopt.
  • When you are sure the animal is right for you, and that you are right for the animal, complete the adoption paperwork and payment with our staff.
  • Take your new furry friend, to their forever home!

Continue reading for more information, on fees and procedures to adopt. 


We always have lots of great animals looking for homes at Cache Humane Society. Every animal has come into  the shelter for a different reason, and just like people, each one is unique in habits and personality. The first step is to consider the animals on these pages and decide which one looks like they might be happiest in your home, then come and meet the animal, to see if you are a good match. Remember to check back often, if you do not see an animal which gets your attention, as our website is updated hourly. We have many wonderful rescued animals waiting patiently for their forever homes.


How Do I Adopt?

Our animals are available for viewing, meeting and adoption during shelter hours, Monday to Friday 10am-6pm and Saturday 12pm-5pm. 

Prior to being able to view any animals, we will ask you to complete an Adoption Questionnaire (Dog Adoption Questionnaire / Cat Adoption Questionnaire). This is a form which helps our staff determine which of our animals will best fit your circumstances. If you are a renter, it will help if you bring proof that you can have pets where you live. If you need time to think about an animal, we will keep the form on file for a limited time.

If you are not in the position to adopt on the day you visit the shelter, we reserve the right not to bring any animals out of their kennels for you. This is to prevent stress on the animal.

When you are in the position to adopt. We recommend that you take your time choosing an animal that will best fit your circumstances, home and family. Our staff are open and honest about each animal's history if we have the information available. We are happy to answer any questions you may have and will let you interact with the animal before you make a final decision. We  usually recommend if you already have dogs in your household, that you bring them to the shelter to meet the new animal before you finally adopt.

Once you have finally decided to adopt one of our animals, there just is a little paperwork and payment left, before you can take your new friend to their forever home!


How much does it cost to Adopt?

There is a set adoption fee for all animals. This covers only some of the many expenses the shelter has incurred to take care of the animal and includes the cost of the necessary vaccinations which were due for the animal while staying at the shelter and it's spay or neuter. For dogs the fee also includes a microchip.

It is a requirement that all adopted cats and dogs are spayed or neutered. We will normally do this before the point of adoption.

A microchip is included in the price of all adopted dogs. If you adopt a cat, we strongly recommend that you micro-chip your new cat. Although not included in the adoption fee for cats, we offer this service for just $15 at the point of adoption. This is the most effective way to identify an animal if it is found stray. Although not a guarantee, it is the best form of insurance that your pet will be reunited with you, should it get lost.



The basic adoption fee  for dogs is $175. This is regardless of size, breed, sex, age or condition. It includes the spay/neuter, current vaccinations up to the date of adoption, and a microchip.


Look at our current available Adoptable Dogs here.


The basic adoption fee for cats is $50 (from October 2016), regardless of size, breed, age or condition. This fee includes the spay/neuter and current vaccinations up to date of adoption. A Microchip is not included in adoption fee for cats, but is just $15 at the point of adoption.




Look at our current available adoptable Cats here.




We sometimes have a number of different small animals in the shelter. Adoption fees vary, but are usually no more than $20. Small animals are not fixed and we ask that you are a responsible owner and do not put these animals in a situation where they may breed. Look at our current available adoptable small animals here.


After I have Adopted?


We hope that you will be very happy with your new adopted pet, but understand that owning a new animal often raises some issues which you do not plan for. Please do not hesitate to call us if you have any additional questions about your animal after adoption.


Our clinic staff are trained to ensure our shelter animals are kept as healthy as possible and that they are vaccinated. We have a vet who we consult with, and a visiting spay and neuter surgeon but do not employ a vet at the shelter. We do not have full medical histories for the animals prior to arrival at the shelter, and therefore encourage you to visit your local vet within the first week after adoption for a full health check on your animal.


Please review Cache Humane Society's

4 Principles of Responsible Pet Ownership.

We also recommend you consult our Cache Humane Society Pinterest Page for useful links to information and tips on taking care of your new pet.